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Here you will find details about competitive cycle racing in Jersey, Channel Islands and it’s four racing clubs.

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Give us a Hand!

We’re currently running an archive project for both recent and historic race results.

Do you have old race results? Old JEP cuttings from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or more recent era’s?

Please send them to us by attaching a photo or scan by email (see contact page) and boom! They shall be added!

If you spot any errors in the archive results or more recent results, just say the word and they shall be amended!

If you want to get involved and give us a helping hand with adding new archived results to the site, let us know. We’re always keen for help. This is a big project but a fun one!

We hope you enjoy reviewing these pages – search your name in the search bar, nothing coming up?! Send us some of your historic local results then!

Feedback is appreciated.

The JCA Committee