Dear all
Please find detailed below team for 2016 inter insular. The Team Manager Andy Hamon has had to alter it from provisional numbers per category. 

Reserves will just be done on the day and rather than first come first served we place riders evenly per club. 

If riders listed below can state they are definitely not racing then please let us know. 


Juniors (to race with senior men):
1.Rhys Pilley
2.Ollie turner

Ladies 3 laps
1.Kim Ashton
2.Helen Ralston
3.Emily Le Beuvant
4.Flo Cox
5.Kat Guillemot
Seniors 4 laps
1.Dan Hawksworth
2.Howard Greenside
3.Sam Firby
4.Jack Rebours
5.Jordan Sewrey
6.Liam Harrison
7.Nick Le Coq
8.Stephen Haley
9.Rhys Hidrio
10.James Patterson
11.Jon Woolrich
12. Richard Tanguy
Veterans 3 laps
1.Steve De Sousa
2.Jim Garett
3.Barry Cameron
4.Andy Hamon
5.Paul Millar
6.Iain Campbell
7.Dave Le Roux
8.John Taylor
9.Simon Stead
10.Spencer Moss
11.Jason Miller
12.Tony Moffa
13.Lee Wells
14.David Viera
Kind regards
Andy Hamon
Note: We have 33 here however I suspect several will be out of the island/ not turn up etc hence the slight overrun.

Written by JCA