All riders who race should check the two websites listed below to ensure that they are not consuming items on the prohibited list.

Any riders who race who are taking any form of medication, either prescribed or over the counter, should check the following website to ensure that they are not inadvertently consuming a prohibited substance.

For those riders who race and take supplements, please be aware that only some products have been tested and certified to be free of prohibited substances. Those that have been certified carry the "Informed Sport' logo. The vast majority of supplements on sale in Jersey do not carry this logo and therefore cannot be guaranteed not to contain prohibited substances. A list of those that have been certified is available at:

For those riders who travel off island to race you are reminded that drug testing in amateur races does take place and that amateurs across a wide age range in both the UK and France have been caught and received bans. Although it is less likely that the testers will visit the Island  there is nothing preventing from doing so. It is the riders responsibility to ensure that they ride clean.

Written by Peter Hubert