Sunday's race HQ will be at the Vic in the Valley car park St. Peter's Valley, as per last year---the finish of the race(s) will be off circuit at the top of the 'German Road'--- La Route de L'Aleval---just before the junction with Le Pissot.

The distances are 5, 6 &7 laps with a 7.30am start.

For those that don't know the circuit the course from the Vic heads down the Valley to Bel Royal school where a left turn will take riders on to Rue de Haut where extra caution should be exercised along that section of the road which has been narrowed, and a deepened central gutter may catch the unwary out---another left turn will be made at the junction with Le Mont Cambrai and again caution should be taken as vehicles are usually awkwardly parked on the left hand side on the next corner right at the bottom of the climb.    

The 'fast' junction with the top of Le Mont Felard after the climb will be marshalled and the next junction will be at Carrefour Selous where the route bears left along the Rue de la Frontiere to the junction with Rue des Buttes in St. Mary where a left turn will take the riders to the junction with Rue de la Rosiere and here another left turn will take the riders on to  the descent down St. Peter's Valley---traffic calming measures in the village require caution.

There are currently works to the west side of the road in St. Peter's Valley to form a new pathway.    These works are subject to traffic controls during the working week and the lights are removed at the weekends, but regardless, riders should remain vigilant when passing through the affected area.

Can Marshals make themselves known at the HQ and everyone familiarise themselves with the course prior to the weekend.

Written by JCA